Encounter the force of your dreams.

We are an independent game studio for adventurous, curious and challenge seeking gamers. Providing a mesmerizing space for players to immerse in worlds and stories is our main goal with every product, as well as the potential to create and evolve your own dreams and journeys.

Our product pallet covers a rich variety, such as mobile, browser and board games. Additionally, big titles are in planning like a Pen&Paper system and a CORPG that will further introduce our home-brewed IP.



A universe full of wonder and creation

Ora’a, a mystical and fantastic world, is the place where our magic happens. A vast playground with plenty of potential for discovery and immersion, drawing on roots in real life scientific facts. This “magic realism” creates a bridge between the two aspects.


The revival of ancient magical culture

With each of our games, our family continues to grow and expand. We strongly belief in the guild spirit and community feeling of like-minded people. We want to encourage our players to connect and start exchanging wishes and ideas.


Entertainment. Immersion. Curiosity.

Everybody plays. Yes, everybody. Many people may not be aware of that or forgot it during the process of growing up, however, our very first learning experiences during childhood are acquired exactly that way. Over the past few years even digital games became omnipresent and integrated themselves into our daily lives. PCs, consoles, smartphones and tablets can be found in nearly every household and enrich our lives in so many ways. Yet it are games in particular, that confront us with and introduce us to new experiences in a fun and easy way.

We, at MYROLIT STUDIOS, love and live for games. As long as we can remember they have been a part of our lives. This passion ultimately lead us together in Berlin, where we walked our first steps as a team during our studies of Game Design. The decision to start a conjoint occupational future was made soon after.

During all the years of planning and prototyping we became really good at creating game concepts and design documents, as well as quickly bringing ideas to “life”. The diversified distribution of skills in our team thereby always works to our advantage, especially when time and quality are of the essence.