“Algoran, al pecia ki roi myifuruito rivial, Nima alir korowal, falima nu simar zoi“

“Algoran, land of dreamy beaches, wearing ocean’s neat perfume, lets my heart beat at its noon, protected by the forest’s reaches”

Algoran is known for its beautiful coasts and its scenic cliffs. The ground is fertile and drinking water is provided by the rivers from the mountains. It is quite a narrow land and covers a big part of Manaeyra’s coast line. In the west it is bordered by the vast forests of Dimroch and the tropic jungle of Bayriill. Due to Algoran’s length in north-south direction its regions lie in different climate zones, from a long and cold winter in the north to an all-year-long green summer in the south. The cultural center however lies in the middle of the country as well as the temperate zone. Algoran has been the first country that liberated itself from the reign of Aspeca in the past, what still makes the people proud. Villages and small towns are spread all over the country but most foreigners have at least heard from Wetrock and Grunhaal, Algoran’s biggest cities and very important for traders and travelling academics. The Tural-Ridge-Mountains are also very common to foreigners because of their big deposit of marble and salt.

“Just do it yourself!” – that’s the motive of most algoranian citizens. They learned from history that it’s worth it to take things in your own hands. Therefore they once split themselves from the reign of Aspeca and came up with the first elected government. They formed alliances with the Varaz and other foreign countries and bit by bit they worked their way up to a big trading nation. The bigger part of the people is working hard on the fields or is fishing along the coast, others are merchants traveling from town to town collecting and selling goods. It’s an honor to be an honest and assiduous worker. Lazy people won’t get along well with the citizens of Algoran. In Algoran religion is not important. Officially they believe in the Sophoros but you will never see an Algoranian praying. A lot of people still have Ugknat slaves and due to the law it is still legal. Sometimes you can find a settlement of the Varaz, who want to start over with their lives.