The huge and nearly unexplored green hell is the heart of Manaeyra. An endless ocean of juicy greens and monumental wooden pillars. From the southwest borders of Aspeca down to the enormous Kavkara Mountains spreads the impenetrable tropical rain forest. The climate rarely holds any surprises and is, besides a few tropical storms, constantly warm and humid. However, it counts as a populated country, as there are several small villages and tribes, as well as Mangora, a big town built in the branched river delta of the mangroves. Exotic woods, rare minerals and ores together with delicious fish and seafood are exported from the Marvlon delta to Aspeca.

Due to the high density of the vegetation there are no larger settlements. Bayriill is mainly inhabited by tribal cultures living in harmony with nature and their surroundings. Most time of the cycle they lead a life as hunters and gatherers, but there are several time periods when they visit special places for ritual ceremonies and temporarily indulge in farm work. During this times the tribe leaders are of crucial importance, as they organize and manage the collaboration with other clans and the planning of the rituals together with the spiritual tribe councils. Therefore all the leaders and chieftains meet at the sacred mountain Sahha to conduct the Sahhakêsh, where they discuss the migration routes and survival strategies of the following cycle.

Mangora is the only settlement in Bayriill that can be called town. Life there is strongly influenced by the aspecian culture due to continuous trading, but has also many elements of the tribal culture.

Bayriillian people are generally joyful and lighthearted. They lead a simple life in harmony with nature, function as hunters and gatherers, or indulge in traditional crafts. Most of their spare time they spend in their tribes or settlements with their people. Travelers are rarely seen in Bayriill and even traders only use the sea routes to get there. While people use the day to earn their livelihood, the evenings are usually used for socializing with the tribe community, where it is not uncommon that psychoactive herbs and fruits, growing in vast numbers in the jungle, are consumed and shared.