“Dimrôch” originally just was another word for daemons. They gave that name to the great forest as a lot of strange things happened to wayfarers, merchants and hunting parties while they passed through it. It is said, that shadows come to life and steal your souls if you’re not paying attention. By now some of the mysterious secrets are revealed. The Ugknat, undiscovered for a long time, are the natives of Dimroch. The have long tails and strong fingers and toes what makes them excellent climbers and with their dark skin they are nearly invisible while hiding in the trees. But they are a very peaceful race and don’t tend to do anybody harm. Nevertheless, after their discovery, the were declared as menial species and enslaved as the fear of evil forces is still in the heads of people. Dimroch is still a bit of a mystery as most of the people still aren’t eager to set a foot near the forest. You easily can get lost in this wide ocean of trees and bushes – many of them only growing in this forest – where big animals are lurking around waiting for their next meal.

Other than a few exceptions, Dimroch is solely inhabited by Ugknat tribes leading a highly social and nature-worshiping life. Every tribe member sees themselves as part of a big family and as children of the forest. Ugknat are therefore very careful not to harm the forest and take only what they need to survive. Their settlements mostly consist of tree house clusters, though there is no concept of personal possessions and everything is shared, so there are common rooms for sleeping, cooking and socializing. The daily tasks for ensuring the survival of the tribe are assigned in turns and even the education of the children is performed by all the tribe members simultaneously. All grownups see themselves as parents and responsible for the children, no matter who their biological parents are. Therefore it is also very common to have more than one sexual partner and long term relationships with all of them. As a result of all the various influences, Ugknat children learn a variety of skills at an early age and acquire a deep understanding of harmoniously living together.

There still is some sort of role allocation, for example hunters or builders, depending on the personal skills of each individual, changing your role however is supported by the tribe culture, as personal happiness has a high value. The only exception are the spiritual leaders, who, once chosen, have their role for life. Myotic abilities and the successful passing of an initiation rite are presupposed for that. While druids, only male Ugknat, are responsible for a close relation between tribe and nature, shamans, only female Ugknat, take care of the social cohesion. There are many rites and celebrations to value and strengthen these ideals, at some occasions even across all tribes of Dimroch.