Wide grasslands and conifer forests cover the hilly ground of Fukuroi. Summers are short and winters long and cold. Even parts of the long coastline freeze over from time to time. Due to the cold climate most local animals are bigger than average and furry. The southern region of the country is covered in swamps with rich peat deposits, so there are many settlements that originated in the work camps of the peat cutters. Besides the many smaller villages, there are also three bigger towns in Fukuroi housing most of the population.

Fukuroi’s population is gruff and stubborn. Their ancestral roots come from strong warrior clans and many parts of that old culture are still valued. They enjoy being social with their kin and meeting up for drinking bouts in the evening. Towards foreigners, however, their attitude is more reserved and distrustful and those who don’t know how to adapt can easily get mixed up in a brawl. Overcoming initial social barriers, though, often results in a surprisingly kind and familial treatment. Fukuranians like easy people with a normal life, as many of themselves work hard as peat digger or wood cutters and don’t care much about political and cultural issues. Those who have what it takes join one of the many warrior clans or wander the lands as big game hunter or beast master. Most of the clans have their representative mount and show it on their sigils.

Fukuroi has some political ties to Aspeca, but it is ruled by the leader of the most important warrior clan, the Bastikun of the Tandori clan.