The land is an even mix of tundra and taiga with even longer and colder winters than Fukuroi. There are far reaching mossy and grass-covered landscapes as well as dense conifer forests with slim but heavily branched trees. Most of the time everything is covered in snow, during the short summers however sappy green tones with autumnal color accents lighten up the land. Nevertheless, the rocky constantly frozen ground doesn’t offer enough fertility for a wide variety of plants, so mostly ferns, members of the clubmoss family and dwarf-shrubs can grow here. The inhabitants therefore mainly focus on hunting.

Another mostly unexplored part of the country are the so called Weather Isles, who got their name from the extreme and fast changing climates there. No one knows exactly how weather is behaving on which island, making survival on any of the islands very hard. It is only known, that this effects are caused by myotic interferences, making every island unique.

It’s difficult to assign Gilberthal a certain culture group, as the inhabitants are scattered all over the land in small tribes with their own way of life and survival techniques each. Some specialized solely in hunting, while others prefer keeping animals and some even found a way of farming the land. The only bigger settlement is the town Nukuriat, a go-to place for all people of Gilberthal, offering a place for barter trade or even for settling oneself. However it is very different from other towns of Manaeyra. Those who expect a homogenous townscape will be surprised, as every building there was built individually out of all different kinds of natural resources: wood, stone, leather, bones, moss, branches, etc.. There are beautifully crafted stone houses as well as nearly collapsing barracks, because, even in Nukuriat, everyone is responsible for themselves. No government will tell you what to do here as all your thoughts will be guided towards survival anyway.