Idle Tower Kingdom is the easy-going tower defense & clicker game you have all been waiting for. Defend you magical empire with mighty towers, improve them with runes of power and watch them decimate your enemies. Become an active ruler and throw magic projectiles to support your towers, or just sit back and relax. It’s an idle game after all, let your towers do the heavy lifting and simply enjoy the fantastical graphic style.


The game is set during the War of Manaeyra and focuses on the siege of the magocratic capital Mytaria. Taking over the role of the Grand Archon, you are charged with the city’s defense. Stand your ground against the armies of the rebellion, wave after wave, year after year. The city must not fall, or all is lost!
Build magic towers to hold back your enemies, fortify and improve them. Let no one pass. Use your rune forge to push your might beyond what was thought to be possible. All the magic is yours, at the tip of your fingers.