Over the south of Manaeyra a large desert extends between Bayriill and Ulmaret, separated by massive mountain ridges. At first sight, everything might seem dead and withered, but there is life in Kaheli. In ancient times Kaheli was a flourishing landskip with lush vegetation. The ancestors of the Oraniri actually originated from that area before they were forced to migrate north to the plains of Aspeca due to severe changes in the world’s climate. Kaheli dried up more and more over time until finally all vegetation resigned, leaving nothing behind than sand and rocks. The only exception is a stripe of savanna west of the river Zul and along the coastline. Strong winds blowing down from the Kavkara Mountains keep away all rain clouds and the hot air does the rest. However some animals adapted to this hostile environment and now call the desert their home. Yet, there is another side of Kaheli as well. Hélvira, one of the rivers originating in the Kavkara Mountains, bores into the dry desert like a lance lined with a stripe of blooming vegetation and fertile land, before draining away in the sand. Living alongside Hélvira basically seems like paradise. It’s always warm and sunny, there is enough drinking water and tropical fruits and crops grow like nowhere else, creating excellent living conditions for all the small villages which established there.

The Oraniri of Kaheli are a bright and vivid people. They are quite pacific and condemn brute force and theft, which is punished very severely. A pompous appearance and aesthetics are generally important to the people of the towns and cities. Especially in Askara everyone tries to impress each other by showing off their status. They are also very social and musical, so feasts and celebrations are a big part of their lives. Furthermore Askara is known for its renowned academy, whose Botanics (Myodancers with botany focus) challenged themselves to grow plants from all over the world in their hanging gardens. Earth and air myotic are also popular courses of the academy.

In the areas around Hélvira live many fishers and farmers who make use of the fertile ground and the rich occurrence of fish. All the settlements once were founded by nomads, who still are a vital part of Kaheli. Nomads are simple people who see no value in splendor and still follow the old traditions of their ancestors. They mainly live off the trade with Kaheli’s settlements and are predestined to do so, as they know all the routes and dangers of the desert and counted among the best hagglers of Manaeyra.