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What is Manaeyra – A Call to Adventure?
“Manaeyra – A Call to Adventure” is a fantasy roleplaying boardgame. It is inspired by games like Munchkin, Risk and Hero Quest.

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Goal of the game
“Manaeyra: A Call to Adventure” lets you play the journey of an adolescent hero at the end of his/her training through a suspense-packed and dangerous world. This journey is critical for the future career of your hero and will test your skills and knowledge. If your hero can prove him-/herself in the world and returns home with new gained experience, a life full of prestige, glory and honor awaits.
The players lead their young heroes on the way to true strength and fight with all their available means to stand up to and rise above your competitors. The player, whose hero first reaches level 20, wins the game!


Game materials
The game includes 600 cards, 150 golden coins, 50 Myrolit Crystals, 10 dice, 6 character sheets and figurines, a board and a instructions manual.


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