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– this title is a work in progress –

What is Manaeyra at War?
Manaeyra at War is a Fantasy Action Role Playing Game (ARPG) focusing on PvP combats. It is inspired by the end content of several Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG) and mixed with elements of Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas (MOBA). Players take the roles of precast characters and fight in fast-paced matches for their team’s victory.

Manaeyra at War is all about SkillAction and Diversity!

All about skill!
Like in Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas players can choose from a variety of unique champions, allowing them to quickly join matches and burst into battle without any preparation. Of course, at first players have to get familiar with the champions abilities and their gameplay, but the characters are designed to be easy to learn and hard to master.
Further we decided to exclude character progression completely, giving every player the same chances at any time. This helps players to concentrate only on combat and permits a strictly skill-based team play.

All about action!
Getting involved with the game is one thing that’s really important for us. We figured that third person perspective is the most immersive as it gives the best overview of what’s happening around the character and provides a feeling of having total control. In addition to that the champion stays always in focus, so players can witness the amazing visual effects of their character’s abilities.
During battles players also have to make quick decisions. Since it is a real-time multiplayer in mainly close quarters combats take place as soon as the match starts. From that moment on, threats can occur from any side. In order to survive and due to the short duration of a match, hesitation is the players worst enemy.

All about diversity!
The characters are divided into the three classical RPG categories – Tank, Damage Dealer and Supporter. Despite this classification, each character has its own kind of strategy and gameplay and is available for everyone at any time. So if a player wants to try out a new champion, there is no restriction preventing this.
However there are even more choices. Players can decide between arena matches with small team sizes or battlegrounds with up to 25 players per team. While in arenas all fights are to the death, in battlegrounds different game modes like conquest, capture the flag, deathmatch and even boss fights are on hand. Also the special thing about boss fights is that one player can actually control the boss and fight against a number of champions.

Community is important!
Getting verbally abused or harassed in a match is something we really want to prevent as good as possible since it can destroy the whole fun of playing. Yet punishing the unkind players only makes them more angry and therefore more offensive. That’s the reason why we prefer to reward all players plenty which are helpful and friendly during a match.
Further we hope that through the implementation of guilds players with the same moral values will come together and thus be able to play in a friendly environment.

No free to play!
For us the most righteous way is to give players one product with one price and be done with it. People may test our game for free, but we don’t want some players to pay nothing while the others pay vast amounts of money. Everyone should pay the same price and therefore have the same game.

Early Prototype - Fight Scene