Before cosmic creation, there was only chaos.
Eternal and everlasting.
Infinite potential, yet motionless, yet aimless.
No thing existed. Not even nothing.
It’s the undefinable act of non-existence.
Primordial ETERNITY.

But then, MYO awakened.
A spark from within creating itself whilst demerging from what was before.

The unprecedented acts of creation and division.
And so MYO became and it was the All of creation. The only thing in existence.

Creation 3

With the act of existenceMYO defines itself as what it is and what it is not,
as everything that exists must be defined as such.
So, it is the All of creation and thus it is not that which does not exist.
It is not Nothing.

The act of definition hence creates a conflict, a fissure in MYO.
Being the All of creation does not allow for something else. Yet its existence demands
separation for the sake of definition.
A paradox that cannot be.

Yet when MYO created itself, there was also division; and a single event that occured
became two by its own nature, as creation is not division.
And MYO split into itself and Nothing, becoming two sides of the same coin, its own polarity.
Thesis and antithesis. MYO and LYO.
And henceforth, DUALITY.

But that which once was and is now no more, is different.
Different from MYO, the creation, and different from LYO, the division.
A third entity, the cradle of All and Nothing alike, though one that never came to be.
Non-existing in the cosmos.
In MYO, however, its primordial nature is evidentiary, still.

And with this five fundamental acts cosmic creation was complete, ruling all things with
And such is the cosmos.
Such is life.



As creation was complete, the cosmos was born. Only the five fundamental acts of MYO precede its existence and nothing entirely new can be added, as everything in the cosmos needs precedence.

For the cosmos to become more complex, it can only use and combine what the awakening of MYO brought forth – creation, division, singularity, duality, triplicity.

With these five primordial building blocks the five cosmic elements are formed to further shape reality. Not six, as up to now only five countable things exist, so there cannot be six. Not four, as making less than is there would be arbitrary, which the cosmos is not. It strictly follows precedence by taking what it already has in its entirety, and thus doubling its complexity.

Five cosmic elements representing the fundamental acts, each of which being its own entity (singularity) with a counterpart (duality), and each falling into one of three categories – creationary, divisionary or eternal (triplicity):

It represents the act of non-existence, as it contains the All of the cosmos, for the cost of not having an external counterpart and thus no definable reality. It is neutral (both negative/male and positive/female) and therefore its own duality. It combines the creationary and divisionary characteristics, making it eternal and the only cosmic element that connects back to the primordial chaos.
MYO creates SAI, LUUM, KYISH and RAA and in turn is all of them combined.

It represents the act of creation/destruction (creation is synonymous to destruction, as when creation happened, that which was before got destroyed). Its charge is negative (or male) and it is part of the creationary category (mixing) with the ternary nature of ascent (high, medium, low).
SAI is the counterpart of LUUM.

It represents the act of division/union (division is synonymous to union, as everything that can be divided can also be united again). Its charge is positive (or female) and it is part of the creationary category (mixing) with the ternary nature of descent (high, medium, low).
LUUM is the counterpart of SAI.

It represents the act of existence. Its charge is negative (male) and it is part of the divisionary category (unmixing) with the ternary nature of gravity (ascending, descending and poising).
KYISH is the counterpart of RAA.

It represents the act of action. Its charge is positive (female) and it is part of the divisionary category (unmixing) with the ternary nature of levity (ascending, descending and poising).
RAA is the counterpart of KYISH.

Everything in the entire cosmos and everything perceivable in reality is made up of these cosmic elements and their combinations to various degrees; every stone, every speck of dust, every concept, every idea, every deed.
As the nature of MYO us threefold, the other four cosmic elements inherit the ternary principle and appear as three different versions of themselves in the fabric of the cosmos, birthing the 12 Original Egos.