Oraniri are the numerically superior species on Manaeyra. The origins of their cultures can be traced back up to 8000 cycles before the Shard, where the first characters and letters were invented. Back then, the Oraniri lived a nomadic life organized in small clans and survived by hunting and gathering. Due to their increasing population they started settling in various locations, confronting them with new problems. However, it turned out that they are very adaptable and creative as a people, enabling them to thrive on challenging life conditions. Some uniquely skilled individuals even managed to reach mastery in their profession. So, there are proud warriors, which could even match with the strongest warriors of the Varaz, as well as highly sensitive mental acrobats, whose teachings and pieces of wisdom are second to none until this day.

A big part of the Oranir population even developed an extraordinary myotic capability after the impact of the big Shard, while another part still has no sense of the myotic flow at all.