“Even from afar one can gaze at the giant dome of dark purple clouds spitting forth lightnings into the heavens. For ever spinning and twisting in itself, squishing and squeezing the air inside until it screams like a mountain slowly grinding to dust.”

– Unknown source

When the big Shard hit what was once known as the northeast of Aspeca, the whole region was desolated and immediately cut off by an endlessly raging storm of Myo. People were scared that the spirits were angry with them and feared that the world might break apart soon. Over the following years countless scouts were therefore sent out to explore the area of the impact and find clues about what was going on. Not many came ever back but piece by piece some information was gained. All of those, who entered the storm and somehow found their way back out, basically lost their minds in one way or another. Talking to ghosts, seeing different colors, spontaneous temporary loss of one or more senses and severe nightmares are just the most common symptoms. The crushing forces of Myo are simply too much to bare, but this was only found out over a century later. To this point it is still unclear, how much of the gathered scout reports are just shared hallucinations and how much truth they really hold.


“We sent out our remaining scouts two days after it happened. There weren’t too many left after that thing… that burning shard falling from the heavens… rained down fire and brimstone over our city. Most of Prifurt still lies in ruins. The Spirits sure must have been mad with us. We waited several weeks for our scouts to return and already gave up hope to ever see them ever again. Yet finally, months later, a handful of them made it back. Looking like the Spirits themselves were chasing after them. It’s actually beyond me how they even found their way back home. They could barely speak and finish not one full sentence. Even our healers didn’t know what to do. Physically they seemed to be in order, for the most part at least. Their minds, however, gone. All we got from their scared mumbling are stories of neverending storms, snow and ash and heat, shattered lands and evil trickster spirits. Our priests will cleanse their souls and burn them at the stake tomorrow. The spirits must not be mad with us anylonger.”

– Lady Aala of Prifurt, letter to Buglinn 1 A.S.


Shardstorm lies north of Aspeca and east of Fukuroi, separated by the latter through a mountain range. The shores along the north and east coast are bordered by steep cliffs and several active volcanoes. The once fertile hills are now, according to surviving scouts, just a shattered wasteland, breaking further apart in the diffuse light of whirling dust.

Stories of bizarre plants and creatures circulate the region around Shardstorm. Even the trees in the surrounding area are bent out of shape and color, bearing rotten fruits and swarmed by small glowing critters. From time to time, silhouettes of strange floating beasts appear between the breaking clouds, peaking out for merely a second before vanishing again in the depths of the storm. But what could even survive in an environment like that if not monsters from other worlds…