It is assumed, that Ugknat and Oraniri had the same ancestors a very long time ago. Despite their difference in appearance and endurance, they have a lot in common, especially with a closer look to their mentalities. The Ugknat’s way of life however is barely known to the other species, since the Ugknat lived in seclusion until a few hundred cycles ago; in Dimrôch, the huge gloomy forest – avoided for a long time by the outside world due to superstition and fear – they existed in total accordance with nature and seemed happy with what they had.

As they finally were discovered, the Myodancers of the Oraniri – blinded by the power they had that time – proclaimed them “menial species” due to their “beastly appearance” and legalized it to treat them the same way as farm animals. Many of the Oraniri thereupon started hunting them down and selling them as slaves all over the continent. Only 400 cycles later, at the beginning of the Golden Age, the Ugknat received the same rights as the other intelligent species. At least officially. Still, there are corners of Manaeyra where Ugknat slaves are still common and tolerated.

Nevertheless they always stayed peaceful, but understandably they keep their noses out of political and cultural issues of Manaeyra and prefer a life in the isolation of the big forest, only surrounded by their own kind. And also they are build for it; their bodies are very flexible, they have extra limbs for climbing trees and their muscles are stronger than it may appear.