Ulmaret is a country without big towns or a government. It is nearly completely surrounded by sea, has a warm and moderate climate, beautiful beaches and forests and is separated from Kaheli by large mountains. It’s a bit colder in the west and the south due to cold sea currents from the south pole, so sometimes it even snows in the winter.

Ulmaret has a beautiful landscape and a warm and moderate climate. However the temper of the people living there is far away from warm and moderate. Ulmaret is the only land on Manaeyra without a common law, or a king, or any other form of regime. Ulmaret is chaos and anarchy. Pirates are sailing in the waters, bandits are pillaging the villages and everyone is making his own law. There are areas that are controlled by certain groups, mostly organized clans or smaller teams with very strong individuals. Scattered throughout the land you can even find isolated strongholds inhabited by somewhat peaceful groups knowing how to defend themselves. Most people however don’t become very old, as it is very likely to get judged by the right of the strongest and there are many strong people in Ulmaret.