Varaz originally lived isolated on the big island Urtak in the west of Manaeyra and were discovered during a period of countless ship expeditions by the Oraniri. Back then, same as with the Ugknat, the ruling Myodancers tried to subdue the Varaz and proclaim them “menial species”, but it soon turned out to be a hopeless venture. Varaz have a natural resistance to Myo and strong physical stamina. An explanation for it might be found in their evolutionary and cultural background. Urtak is overgrown with thick jungle accommodating several huge predators living and hunting in it, fighting a permanent battle for survival. And the Varaz are no exception. From the moment they are born – they hatch from eggs buried deep in the jungle – the young lizards have to rival with their siblings in bloody contests and fight their way out of the jungle, back to their home. The better part of the offspring never reaches it. Those who were lucky and strong enough to make it are facing their next big challenge, a series of contests to determine their future caste. The winners eke out the right to a glorious life as proud varazian warriors, nearly unmatched in strength and brutality and feared in all of Manaeyra.

Another important caste are the rune smiths, although they are even more respected in Manaeyra than in their own culture. Varaz usually have not much to do with Myo as they have no myotic capabilities. However they were interestingly the first species that invented a way to capture Myo in objects by engraving them with a fine network of energy conducting lines; rune smithing. They perfected this art form over the  years and now use it mostly to forge their legendary weapons and armor.