Somewhere in a distant universe – yet not so different from the one we know – a terrestrial planet, slightly smaller than Earth, is revolving around Mel, a F-type main sequence star. Orbiting in the Goldilocks Zone, the planet called Ora’a was blessed with the spark of life a long time ago. From the huge oceans covering about 3/4 of the planet’s surface, life emerged, made its way onto the landmasses and kept pushing further and further. So, Ora’a became a green planet and even the home for several intelligent species.

Wondrous flowers of life are now blooming in every corner of the planet and a few of the species already have gone to great lengths to discover the world around them and to make it their home. Especially the Oraniri‌, apparently the most curious of the species, established their settlements all over the known world and thereby became the center of cultural interaction across the lands. However, so much has yet to be uncovered.

One of the reasons that life on Ora’a is so successful originates in the very potent energy existing in this universe: the creational energy commonly known as MYO.

MYO occurs most potent on the continent Manaeyra due to a meteor strike in ancient times. The area around the impact spot, called Shardstorm‌, is not accessible as the energy there is too dense, showing off as a permanent storm causing hallucinations and delusions.


Crossing the illusion of time and space we get a glimpse of the images and stories emanating from his world


more to come…